Apparently most of us in the UK are one of the worst sleepers…how do we get through the day?

It’s seriously important that we do something about this and the good news is that it’s really not that difficult, there are so many options out there to help ourselves sleep better.

You don’t have to go in search for them all, from apps to great products and things you can do completely free, here they all are. If you find any others or have a favourite tell us in the comments below!

Meditate yourself into sleep

Meditating before bed from as little as 10 minutes can really help get you calm and relaxed before snoozing. According to Harvard, it helps fight insomnia and improves sleep. If you are able to meditate or do some breathing exercises before you go to bed even whilst you’re in bed you’ll sleep like a baby! Check out some sleeping apps!

Shower yourself asleep

Now there’s no need to fall asleep in the shower here be safe, but a quick hot shower, bath and face wash in relaxing oils and scents such as sage, orange and lavendar can really help you to nod off.


Lavendar is known for it’s calming and relaxing qualities and you can buy Lavendar oil in many health and beauty stores as well as herbal shops. Simply rub it on your wrists, temples and under the nose. You could even put a few drops on your pillow. Now if you don’t like Lavendar then there are pletny of other herbs and smells you can try like sage, orange, ylang ylang and many more. Visit your local shop to sample some smells before you buy.

Step away from the phone

Most of us these days are more intimate with our phones than each other! So much that we even take our phones to bed! Keep yours under the pillow or the bedside? Just incase? Phones emit radiation and although the research isnt specific on the amount of radiation, we know it’s not good for you either way! Try to use a separate alarm clock or keep the phone as far away as you can whilst using the sleep apps, you will still hear the sounds and be able to get to sleep with a safe distance from your phone than under the pillow or bedside for example.




Assuming you already have a bed that works for you, have you ever tried out memory foam pillows to see if you get a better night’s rest? Many have found them to really help improve their sleep as well as reducing neck and back pain. Have a look around for some great deals and you might just find the one for you!

The sleepy tea wins

Yes alcohol might get you off to sleep quicker but if you’re after a full night’s thorough rest and a good deep sleep, sorry but it’s really not the answer. Read more facts about why, from Drinkaware. Sleep inducing herbal teas work well for so many people and if you haven’t tried it why not give it a go? Clipper’s Snore and Peace, Pukka’s Night Time Tea are just a couple out there, look out for them in your local supermarket or online.


Firstly keep safe and don’t walk alone at night!

If you can get some neighbours and local friends to go for a walk perhaps after dinner, while it’s still light it will help you get a better night’s rest. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes around where you live or your local park it will really help you to unwind and give yourself a better chance of a good night’s rest and to walk off the day’s stresses.

Write it down

We all get this from time to time. Someone really annoys or upsets us at work and we replay it over and over in our minds. Don’t take it to bed with you, write it down and your response to it. You can end it with ‘and that’s ok because i decide not to own this problem’. When you’ve taken it in and said it enough times to believe it, through the paper and the problem away to help detach from it. It may take a few attempts but worth trying out.

Evening Yoga

Is there a yoga class local to you or near your office that you could give a try? Or is there a DVD you could find to do it at home instead? Yoga is one of the best ways to help calm and relax your mind, perfect for a deep sleep! You could even see what YouTube has to offer free!