It's time to be different

Explore how the latest techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Workplace Personality Profiling can help you and your team work quicker and better.

So often in the workplace, we’re required to work at a certain pace, think originally, creatively, have order, be confident, handle so many different types of personalities and work seamlessly with different colleagues and departments. All of this and in addition, manage your stress levels well; but often it is all of the former that creates a feeling of stress within us. 

I use DISC Personality Profiling to help you and your team understand each others working personality styles better. Yes we are all different BUT we are predictably different and once you understand each other better it creates understanding, self appreciation and saves time in future working, in addition to managing and avoiding conflicts well. 

I use Neuro Linguistic Programming to help improve confidence, reduce fears, improve strategy, build creativity and innovation through a range of over 200 NLP techniques.

I use coaching in situations that require a series of sessions to work through a plan, improve free thinking, originality and build resilience through powerful questioning techniques. 

Sometimes it maybe a mixture of all of the above or areas of it that you feel you need specific to you. Contact me on 07919164112 to discuss anything confidentially.