It's time to be different

Explore how the latest techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Workplace Personality Profiling can help you and your team work quicker and better.

Working with different personalities

I use DISC Personality Profiling to help you and your team understand each others working personality styles better. Yes we are all different BUT we are predictably different and once you understand each other better it creates understanding, self appreciation and saves time in future working, in addition to managing and avoiding conflicts well.

Workplace NLP

I use Neuro Linguistic Programming to help improve confidence, reduce fears, improve strategy, build creativity and innovation through a range of over 200 NLP techniques.  NLP helps unblock and get right to the heart of what leads us at delivering work – our own mindset, values, beliefs, fears and previous experiences that might still be affecting us in an unhelpful way.

Workplace Coaching

Coaching can help you independently problem solve, plan, create a strategy, get creative, develop your best marketing & PR plans, sales approaches & much more. I help take you from idea to delivery & growth using questioning techniques (not advising) so you benefit from working it out yourself successfully whilst developing than you would with being advised.

For most businesses (new or existing) I find that it sometimes requires a mixture of all of these services to get the best growth out of you as well as the business. For example one of my clients has an amazing skill and talent in their specific industry however their low confidence in selling, meeting new people and more marketing engagement through videos means limited sales. NLP can massively help release fears and unblock you from such things. Many start ups and those taking their next steps in growth can have many fears and it’s important they’re dealt with if they are holding your business back.

Knowing your personality style and learning about others (how to identify and relate better) can really help you make rather than break a sale. 

Every business and person is different so get in touch, let’s discuss what you would ideally like and if what I do could help you in some way. I’m down to earth, friendly and not the pushy sort! We can discuss more for you to go away and think about. Contact me on 07919164112 or