What is clutter?


Clutter – also known as ‘might need it one day’, ‘memories’, ‘a missing part’ ‘I didn’t know I had this’ or even ‘cr!p’ is easy to get to grips with once you start. You can discover things you didn’t even know you had! The amount of clutter – whether it’s in cupboards or not, is known to have a direct impact on our stress levels.

“Don’t worry, it’s not about throwing things you need…if you need it, keep it!”

By only giving away the things that you don’t need or use anymore, you keep what you actually need, use and love whilst making a huge difference to those who really are in need of the things you don’t and can give them a much loved place in their home. If your local charity shops can’t take anymore items then check out the homeless shelters or children’s homes (via your local authority) to see if they could make use of your unwanted clothes, electrical equipment, magazines, toys, CDs, exercise equipment etc.

“1 in every 3 UK households admit to keeping enough junk to fill a small bedroom…and it costs!”

You deserve a clear head, you deserve a clear space! It’s so easy to do…all you need is…



Step 1

You’ll need:

  • Good music at the ready…or bad!

  • 4 bags – Bin |  Charity/donate | ‘Re-sell’ | Storage boxes/baskets

  • Cleaning wipes – you need cleaning wipes…especially if you’re venturing in a zone you’ve not seen in years, also a mouth dust shield if you can!




Step 2

Only do 1 drawer, cupboard, shelf or wardrobe at a time and follow these 3 simple steps:

1. If you haven’t used the item in 2 years, don’t know what it is, has a funny smell or things crawling on it…get rid of it!

2. If the item belongs in that place and you need it keep it and ensure that similar items are placed with it as you make your way round the room. If it doesn’t belong there put it somewhere in view and add other similar items as you find them and decide on it’s new home in the house!


3. Now the fun part – now you have all your similar items together you can see exactly what you have, what you need and don’t need…now is the time to discard any duplicate of items that you don’t need so many duplicates of…this applies to literally everything! Clothes, shoes, bags, car cleaners, tea towels, bedding etc!






Step 3 – Use your storage boxes for better use or treat yourself to some new ones…you’ve earnt it!…these are from Zara Home but most home shops have great storage too!


Layering trousers by colour or type is the best way to minimise space, you can also do this with certain types of tops eg, shirts if you keep them open, vests, sleeveless tops etc, scarves, ties…experiment! By colour is great for getting ready quickly as we tend to get dressed this way.


Drawers without sections are like wardrobes without hangers! If you can’t find things quickly and simply without having a fight in the draw…it’s more stress you don’t need…search for some drawer dividers they work a treat! These are from Ikea but you can search online too!

Open shelves

Open shelves in a room can affect our mood and stress levels. Keep your absolute favourite ornaments on display and clear other items around it so they stand out more. Wood and lighter colours are known to have a calming affect and you really don’t need much, you can get them anywhere. These are from Nordic House but if you search in most home shops for your own style there’s plenty!