DISC Personality Profiling

What is your combination and what about your team? What does this mean when working together or under pressure? How could knowing a potential client’s style help your sales?

We recently arranged for Mel to come in and deliver DISC training to our team which was hugely insightful. Mel was able to explain how we would all react in stressful situations and crucially, what my team need from me to be able to competently complete tasks and consistently thrive in their job. I have no doubt that this is going to make us a better team and me a better manager; the value of this is going to be able to be measured for a long time.

Kate Hutchinson

General Manager, The Yorkshire Mafia

I arranged a session on DISC with Melissa for my senior leadership team to help us understand ourselves and how to best work together. The session was great. Very interactive yet with enough personal analysis built in that each person took away a real insight in to their behaviors. Mel’s approach to delivery was spot on – she immediately put everyone at ease with her personable and open style. Her knowledge was good and she took time to work with the group and each of us individually. This is a must session for any new or growing team! Highly recommend.

Carol Dewhurst

CEO, Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust

How is DISC delivered?

1-1 Face to face or Skype

The assessment and analysis can be done in in 1 hour. The analysis is completely bespoke to you with no pre-written reports. After completing the assessment, the results are calculated in just a few minutes and a discussion with feedback about your results will follow. You can gain rich insight into how to adapt to other styles to improve productivity, sales and relationships.

Interactive team workshop

The assessment and analysis is done in real time and completely bespoke to the individuals in your team in this fun and engaging workshop. After the team have completed the live assessment, they get to calculate the results in just a few minutes and learn more about how to work even more efficiently with their colleagues. Take a look at the options below and contact me to discuss your needs and number of staff to see which would be a good option. It may be that we can tweak one of the sessions below.


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What will this tell me that I don't already know?
You’ve spent a long time getting to know yourself already. However, what DISC helps us to uncover is what we were not perhaps aware of, oblivious to and how other personality types are affected by our own. Our career and personal lives mean we need to be able to relate well to other personality types for business and personal success. How can what you uncover about yours, help you even more in business?
I've already done Myers Briggs, do I need to do DISC?

Myers Briggs is well known and a great tool to help you get to know yourself better. However, remembering a profile from an 8 point system or guessing someone else’s is known to be difficult with this method and if you can’t recall it, how can you apply it? DISC is not only simple, but memorable and you can relate better to others if you know their style.

My team get along fine, do they need one?
Teams are always under pressure these days to work together to get tasks done quickly, effectively and when varying roles are in the mix, along with completely different personality styles, it can always seem fine but small irritations can become big ones. It’s best to help them learn about their personality styles now rather than get involved in issues later.
How can this be delivered positively?

DISC is a celebration of strengths. Just because there are more strengths in some areas doesn’t mean they can’t be learnt for other areas. Neither is it about changing to be more like a different style. However with greater awareness of your style and those you work with, it’s easier and more efficient to communicate and deliver work with this in mind. I deliver fun and engaging workshops that take the personal aspect out and make it all about the different styles, including how they might better connect to each other for efficiency and success

How can this help sales?

There are many key skills involved in selling and building rapport is one of the most important. People do business with people and generally, people like people like them. This doesn’t mean behaving like the other person but what if you gained a better idea about their personality style? What if you knew how to be more on their level and connect more to them? What if they felt really comfortable around you and felt you just got them? How could that help you?

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