‘Me time’ is so important for your peace of mind, health and wellbeing. Today we lead busy, stressful lives and we’re always on the go. We’re all different and one person may need more time to de-stress than another. What’s important is that you do make time for you and put some time aside to take a look at your time now and think of ways to balance it out more. How much time do you spend on yourself?

Did you know?

In a survey, 1 in 5 of UK adults spend only 5 hours or less relaxing each week…missing out on potentially 77 hours of relaxation time every week

In the same survey, 1 in 5 adults said that they felt they didn’t have enough space in their home where they could go and take some time out

To relax, most men reported that they would prefer to have a quiet night in, compared to most women who would prefer a bath or reading a good book


Write a list of the things you’d love to do with your ‘me time’. It could be anything excluding work, personal or family commitments. For example taking that long bath, watching a film, a new hobby or skill, getting fit, playing a game, gardening, meditating, walking or just sitting with a cuppa! How much time do you need for them?

Park that lovely list just for a few minutes…


Now lets find out, where does most of your time go at the moment? You’ll have an idea ofcourse but you can really get a better idea of your 24hours quickly and simply with MyTime. You can take a screenshot or note it down.

How does your 24hours look? Can you see where you’re spending too much time on something and maybe not enough elsewhere?


How does your ideal time compare with what you currently do with your time? This next step is really important and he one that most of us should (no pun intended) give more time to…IDEAS! What could you do to free up more time? Think of all the possible options, even the ones you secretly know are never going to happen…why? They could actually spark off other ideas! Write down 20 things you could do…think about the following to help spark off some ideas…

Which are the most obvious ways you could cut time?

If this was your friend’s 24hours, what would you advise them they could do?

What could you do if you couldn’t fail?

What advice would your role model give you?  


Make a decision and make a promise to do just one thing on your list. Which is the most obvious one and comfortable one for you? It’s ok if it’s a little challenging and uncomfortable that’s natural but if you believe it will actually bring you one step closer, do it! The following step will help make it happen…


Write it in your diary. Whatever your options were, or the things you need to do to make your options come to life like ask someone a question, have a chat, enquire about something, find out information etc…write it on your calendar or diary and set a time for it. If you’re a wild thing and live your life diary free this bit might be tricky but we promise with a diary or calendar on your phone it will help you get your me time. Life happens but this way you have allocated it a slot rather than feel like you might have before doing any of this.

Do not feel guilty during your me time! How many of us finally get some space or time and then feel like we should actually be doing something else?! Stop it. You need to relax, you deserve to relax, make the most of it! What tweaks and changes did you make to find more ‘me time’? Tell us in the comments below to help others!