What do you really want?

To get fitter

Find more motivation 

Find time to exercise

Get back into exercise

Stick to a routine or plan

Manage portion size

Make healthier foods

To maintain a healthy lifestyle within time and budget

Start a healthier lifestyle for the first time

Make healthier choices at work 

Drink less alcohol

Eat less sugary foods

Fit in a healthy lifestyle around commitments

Feel more in control

What is getting in your way?

We all know that we should live a healthy lifestyle but that isn’t enough. Underneath the things that we want to do lies our values, beliefs, motivation, understanding, and our environment. No matter what your goal is whether it’s one of the above or different, coaching and Neuro Linguistic techniques can really drive into the very things that are holding you back and set you free from it. No chanting involved! Use your FREE 30 minute consultation to tell me more about your goal be it now, for 2018 or longer term. This way you can learn more about coaching and decide yourself if it’s something you want to try including how many sessions you may want. In the event that you need less than the amount you purchased you are welcome to use it within 12 months on any other goals you have or transfer it to someone else as a gift! 


Perfect if you

– Want to live a healthier lifestyle and feel happier

– Want to learn more about what approaches could work for you specifically

– Feel like you have tried everything but unsure what to do next

– Want to do it your way, with no pressure and enjoy the journey

– Want to feel happier in yourself

– Buy as an individual, 4, 6 or 10 week coaching package

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Ask about healthy living coaching

Melissa is an amazing coach and helped me so much in the few hours we spent together, a ray of light with so much to offer others!

Lissa Foley-Hughes

Owner, Yogalilies

I had been feeling really stuck and not where I wanted to be in life. Coaching sessions with Melissa have helped me to make massive progress and changes in my confidence, finances, social and personal life. The transformation in me, how I manage my life and how i feel from the first session to now is amazing.

Marie Butler