How do you sleep? What keeps you awake at night? Here in the UK, we are one of the worst sleepers and that may not come as a surprise given how so many of us suffer from poor mental health. Maybe you have so many things on your mind? Wish you could get off to sleep quicker or that your partner didn’t snore! You’re not on your own! Check out some of the videos, apps, facts and blog below to start understanding more about your sleep and how to sleep better.

Did you know?

63% are unhappy with the amount of sleep they get…

Dreams Survey, 2016

Did you know?

74% of people worry about not getting a good nights sleep…

Dreams Survey, 2016

Did you know?

Nearly 50% of us are getting just 6 hours sleep or less, each night…

Sleep Council

Did you know?

4 out of 5 people complain of disturbed or inadequate (toxic) sleep…

Sleep Council

Did you know?

Meditation, yoga, pilates, exercise and eating the right foods can all help to improve the quality of your sleep and help you sleep longer…

Sleep Council

Sleepy tricks

Apparently most of us in the UK are one of the worst do we get through the day? It's seriously important that we do something about this and the good news is that it's really not that difficult, there are so many options out there to help ourselves...

Get more ‘me time’

'Me time' is so important for your peace of mind, health and wellbeing. Today we lead busy, stressful lives and we're always on the go. We're all different and one person may need more time to de-stress than another. What's important is that you do make time for you...

Declutter for happiness

What is clutter?   Clutter - also known as 'might need it one day', 'memories', 'a missing part' 'I didn't know I had this' or even 'cr!p' is easy to get to grips with once you start. You can discover things you didn't even know you had! The amount of clutter -...

Do you suffer from sleep psychosis? If so, talk to your GP about it as soon as you can, don’t suffer. Here, Chris talks about his experience of sleep psychosis and how he recovered.



Apps to help you sleep

Sleep Great App

The most popular sleep app with 52 free sounds

Calm App

Reduce anxiety, sleep better and feel happier

Sleep Meditations for kids App

Calms and relaxes children through guided storytelling mediations. Suitable for children up to age 12

Headspace for kids App

Help your litte one get a good nights rest with Headspace for kids. The wake up section will help your child’s day start well

Are worries keeping you awake at night?

No matter what your problem is, there is always some kind of help out there for you. Sometimes we really need to get to the root of the issue that’s keeping us awake. As well as reaching out to friends or family, you can also try any of these organisations who are there to help. If it’s something in your life that you want to change you could also browse the coaching page to see if that could be right for you.

Want to stop snoring yourself?…or wish they would?

There are so many great solutions to stop snoring BUT…it totally depends on what kind of snorer you are. No need to get into any disagreements about who snores the loudest! Check out this really simple test by the British Snoring Association and you’ll soon know what type of snorer you are and which snoring solutions are best for you.

2. Read your results

3. Try out the advice and enjoy some peaceful sleep!