Happy times

How we spend our every minute and second either makes us happy…or doesn’t really. It’s that simple. We all get 24 hours in the day no more no less, and it’s how we use that time that can work for us or against us in what we really want and need. Our busy lifestyles these days can make us feel like we’re on auto-pilot all the time, dashing from one thing to another, leaving a feeling that we just don’t have time for the things we want to do instead of have to do.  Watch the video, read the blog and try out the quizzes to see how you could steal some time for yourself…prioritising is key!

Watch this brilliant TEDTalk video on managing time by Laura Vanderkam. Having researched how so many of the world’s most successful people manage their time it’s interesting how Laura cuts through to see what actually needs to happen…no annoying tips we promise!


How do you spend most of your time at the moment? Take our quick quiz to get a real view and see where you can find more free time!

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