Heads Together

A campaign to help people in their mental wellbeing with tools to support the family

It's time to give a ****

Do you swear to take on mental illness? See how you can get involved

Be in your mate's corner

If your mate is acting differently, do something together

Reach out

You’re never alone. Here are some organisations that might be able to really help you, why not give them a try? 

The Mix

For 13-25 year olds facing any issues including relationships poor mental health and more

Calm For Men

For men of any age who are feeling down or depressed for any reason 


For ex-servicemen and women, offers specialist clinical treatment and support


For anyone, Samaritans offer a safe place for you to talk, anytime you like, suicidal or not


Advice and support to anyone suffering with a mental health problem

Young Minds

For children and young people facing poor wellbeing and mental health

Family Lives

Help for all aspects of family life, school issues, bullying, family breakdowns and more

Citizens Advice Bureau

Offers advice on debt, housing, family, products and services, work and benefits


Help for anyone to strengthen their relationship

Care for the family

Help for anyone who faces family difficulties as well as help you if you’ve lost a loved one


Supports anyone affected by the death of a baby

Time to Change

A growing movement to change how people act and think about mental health problems

For organisations

If you are a national organisation that helps to tackle mental health please get in touch with us info@makancoaching.co.uk