Individual DISC Profile – Skype


  • 1 x DISC profile for 1 individual – 1 hour
  • 7-minute assessment
  • Real-time results with 3 behavioural graphs (how you perceive yourself, how you behave in public/around others, how you behave when under pressure / really challenged)
  • Discussion of results of assessment, open and without judgement – there is no perfect DISC profile
  • No pre-written report so more relevant specifically to you
  • Links to the online behavioural profiles for each of your 3 graphs for you to look at as much as you like in the future
  • 100% strictly confidential


Once purchased, I will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable time for the session, please contact me before if you wish to find out more about this or arrange a time on or call 07919164112