Melissa coached me over a couple of months on goals ranging from specific tasks that I needed help figuring out, to working on my mindset. I was overwhelmed by the ease in which her coaching made me look at things from a different perspective. I was being ‘paralysed’ by a fear of success and her calm and methodical approach to my problem, along with NLP strategies proved invaluable to me. Previous to working with Melissa, I ignored them. Thanks to her exceptional coaching skills I’ve now been able to reevaluate the stressful experiences and use them to my advantage. My natural focus is now shining through and I’m no longer ‘paralysed’ by the fears I once had. Nick Keenan

Owner, My Front Room

I can’t recommend the coaching I received with Melissa highly enough. After my second child and three house moves in twelve months, I felt extremely overwhelmed and struggled with parts of my life. Melissa made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the coaching and without it, I wouldn’t have recognised what was holding me back. I’m clearer and looking forward to developing other areas of my life. Michelle Firth

Melissa has personally coached me one-to-one via skype for the last few months to support my transition as a new manager; I’ve found her support and advice to be of huge value to me and the positive effects of working with her has been seen across my team.

Kate Hutchinson

General Manager, The Yorkshire Mafia

I found Melissa’s approach to very useful in helping me come to realisations about my own goals. I had been facing a dilemma balancing my personal and professional life, through her non-intrusive questioning, she helped me prioritise and thus enabled me to create a route map to actualising my goals. Although she didn’t offer direct advice or propose solutions, she asked questions and enabled me to come to my own realisations about what is right for myself. After all, I know myself and my circumstances better than anyone and any direct advice would be given in ignorance of the full situation.

Since the session, I have been proactive in setting into motion a plan to achieving my personal and professional goals and cannot stress the importance of having a clear idea of my end goals. I will certainly be in touch to continue the coaching, and would recommend Melissa to anyone who was facing personal or professional challenges.

Michael Thompson

Electrical Engineer, Zerum

At the age of 47 I’m pretty comfortable with myself and happy with my life. I’m making some small changes here and there and know what I need to do to make them happen. Or so I thought. I went into coaching with an open mind but low expectations. How was a coach going to know me better than I know myself? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Melissa helped me unlock assumptions and habits I didn’t even know I had. It was sometimes hard. It was sometimes emotional. She was patient, kind, supportive and guided me to solutions that challenged me but that I wouldn’t have come to on my own. I can’t recommend coaching with Melissa highly enough. You’ll feel empowered and supported, never pressured. It’s about you. Nancy Corbin

Marketing Communications Manager, General Medical Council

Melissa is an amazing coach and helped me so much in the few hours we spent together, a ray of light with so much to offer others! Lissa Foley-Hughes

Owner, Yogalilies

After being unsure about the benefits that coaching could offer me, I took part in several sessions where Melissa helped me realise that I had the ability to change aspects of my life to make my life work better for me. Since the sessions I would say I am managing my time better and have much better organisation in all areas of my life. I would definitely recommend life coaching and Melissa!

Louise Higgins


Through coaching with Melissa, I didn’t realise how much I was getting in my own way. I learnt that there wasn’t much that I didn’t already know and the coaching helped to bring all of that out. I came away with actions that were completely my own idea based on what I need to do not what someone else thinks I should do. I feel I have some great things to work on that were my own idea

Stephanie Jones

Team Leader, Resource Solutions

Melissa is a fantastic coach who has helped me release many blocks that were preventing me from achieving my goals. Her coaching sessions have played a great part in transforming my life and have been empowering in so many aspects. Since working with Melissa, I have been shortlisted for a prestigious mentorship award, published a story in a magazine, enrolled on a Master course and a short story course, all helped by Melissa’s coaching. Maia Nikitina

Author and Writer

I had been feeling really stuck and not where I wanted to be in life. Coaching sessions with Melissa have helped me to make massive progress and changes in my confidence, finances, social and personal life. The transformation in me, how I manage my life and how I feel from the first session to now is amazing. The coaching with Melissa has also had a great impact on my son who says I’m now much happier and optimistic and is also looking forward to being coached. Marie Butler

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Melissa and found her to be a really friendly, approachable and professional coach. I hadn’t had coaching before and was unsure of what to expect. Melissa made me feel relaxed and encouraged me throughout. She made me think of things I had never thought of and I began to tackle situations in a different way to before. I was really pleased with the results of my coaching sessions and found it helpful to use techniques that melissa had shown me, I still use them now. I would recommend anyone for coaching sessions with Melissa as I reached my goals and found her coaching style effective.

Ashley Richardson