How can coaching help you?

Learn more about how coaching can help you in your business or career goals whilst you uncover more about yourself

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you delve deep into where you want to be and how you’ll get there – whatever the goal. As a qualified and experienced Coach, I use powerful questioning techniques to help you explore and uncover fresh thoughts, ideas, knowledge and tools. Not only do you use your own mind to work on your goals without any advice, but you learn so much more about yourself along the way.

What is the difference between Coaching and Mentoring?

Although both techniques require many similar skills, with a mentor they provide advice and are much more involved in your delivery than a coach would ever be. A coach never gives advice as the belief is that with powerful questioning techniques you can come to your own methods, trials, ideas and solutions to explore – this is truly the way to grow as an individual, quicker. There may be times you feel you do need advise but I would suggest you see where you can go on your own with a coach first until you have evidence that you need advice.

How do the sessions take place?

For ease of timing, travel and confidentiality I coach my clients via Skype over 1 hour which is a secure online video call facility free of charge. My clients take their sessions at a convenient time in the privacy of their own home, office or meeting room. Alternatively I can travel to your workplace at an extra cost.

What business issues do you coach on?

For some of my clients it includes increasing sales, confidence in selling or meetings, dealing with challenging customers, managing different personality styles or business growth. Regardless of the issue the coaching process remains the same and it’s in this where real change happens.

What is a DISC profile and how can it help me?

DISC is one of the world’s most simple yet accurate personality profiling tools and it can help you build greater rapport and help you in your approach to your goals as well as help you understand other personality types better. This could mean greater relationships and an increase in sales.

Melissa has personally coached me one-to-one via skype for the last few months to support my transition as a new manager; I’ve found her support and advice to be of huge value to me and the positive effects of working with her has been seen across my team.

Kate Hutchinson

General Manager, Yorkshire Mafia

Melissa coached me over a couple of months on goals ranging from specific tasks that I needed help figuring out, to working on my mindset. I was overwhelmed by the ease in which her coaching made me look at things from a different perspective. I was being ‘paralysed’ by a fear of success and her calm and methodical approach to my problem, along with NLP strategies proved invaluable to me. Previous to working with Melissa, I ignored them. Thanks to her exceptional coaching skills I’ve now been able to reevaluate the stressful experiences and use them to my advantage. My natural focus is now shining through and I’m no longer ‘paralysed’ by the fears I once had.

Nick Keenan

Owner, My Front Room

I found Melissa’s approach to very useful in helping me come to realisations about my own goals. I had been facing a dilemma balancing my personal and professional life, through her non-intrusive questioning, she helped me prioritise and thus enabled me to create a route map to actualising my goals. Although she didn’t offer direct advice or propose solutions, she asked questions and enabled me to come to my own realisations about what is right for myself. After all, I know myself and my circumstances better than anyone and any direct advice would be given in ignorance of the full situation.

Since the session, I have been proactive in setting into motion a plan to achieving my personal and professional goals and cannot stress the importance of having a clear idea of my end goals. I will certainly be in touch to continue the coaching, and would recommend Melissa to anyone who was facing personal or professional challenges.

Michael Thompson

Electrical Engineer, Zerum

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